MMultidirectional image whthout dead zones

Master-SX Radiography system can satisfy demands for multi-position scanning,from head, pelvis to limbs.

Even if the patient is very high immobilized patients can complete scanning without moving their bodies from wheelchair or stretcher.
The system has visualized UI that is easy to understand as well as a physical button. Coordinated with the X-ray system, it displays real time radiography images and temperatures, helping doctors check whether the system arrives at a correct position and functions properly. All of these will be achieved on the wide touch screen.
The entire equipment integrates automatic system. All the positions are automatically tracked and aligned. Controlled by wireless pad, positions required by doctors are achieved easily and efficiently.
50KW High Frequency Generator
X-ray Tube 40~150kV
Dual Column Mechanical Stand
6 Way Lifting Radiography Table
Advanced Flat-panel Detector
Image Acquisition System
System control software
High-density Al-interspaced Grid

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