MASTER-VX was designed to be the easiest, most intuitive digital radiography system ever created specifically for veterinary examination and surgery. With speed, efficiency and accuracy in mind, you have essential controls at your fingertips and expert tools only a touch away.
Combining Intelligent Image Processing with state of the art workflow, enables users to get more out of radiography than ever before.

New generation VX-Vue? imaging detector delivers high-resolution images through advanced processing and adaptive filtering with low dose, which enhance image contrast and sharpness.

   Advanced intelligent Image Processing *
   Balanced presentation of soft tissue and overlapping bone structures
   Realistic representation of anatomy, not over exposed
   Gold standard in human and veterinary radiology
  Onboard Training and Support *
  APR pre-set ensures veterinary quick parameter selection and exposure.

  Smart workflow of VX-Vue?

  Easy operation with innovative “hands free” radiography exposure
  Reliable and flexible 4-way table can endure maximum 150kg weight.
  Waterproof foot switch ensures hands free exposure possible and easy   sterilization
  High voltage generator integrated equipped with ESU (energy storage unit), ensures exposure anytime

Customer service:021-65248301
After-sale service:400-089-6518
Address: No. 10, No. 135, No. 103, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

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